Vanilla Heart Publishing
Author Autographs for Ebook and Print Editions


Now, a reader doesn't have to trek to a bookstore, stand in line, or wait... Technology, via AuthorGraph, makes it possible for readers and fans to get a personalized author autograph and inscription with just a click and a nod. (The nod is optional.)

  • For Print and all Ebook Formats  Full color cover image and inscription, even a personalized inscription as a PDF attachment via email.
  • Is the AuthorGraph inserted into the e-book? No, it is a separate document. This allows a reader to create a "collection" on her preferred reading device where she can keep all of her AuthorGraphs together.
  • Do I need to have a Kindle or Nook or Sony version of my book to sign up for AuthorGraph? No, any book (even paperbacks and hardcovers) can be AuthorGraphed as we simply attach your inscription and signature to a cover image of the book.

Malcolm R. Campbell

Jock Stewart and the Missing Sea of Fire, and Bears; Where They Fought; The New Garden of Heaven Trilogy - Bk 1, The Seeker; Bk 2, The Sailor, and coming 2013, Bk 3, The Betrayed


Charmaine Gordon

To Be Continued, Starting Over, Now What?, Reconstructing Charlie, Haven



Chelle Cordero

Hyphema, Final Sin, Hostage Heart, Courage of the Heart, Bartlett's Rule, and Common Bond, Tangled Hearts


Angela Kay Austin

Sweet Victory, and short story Scarlet's Tears

L.E. Harvey

Trajectory, Imperfect, Loving Her, and Unbreakable Hostage