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Namid is an author working to bring peace and healing to survivors of sexual abuse, rape, incest, and emotional abuse; and to help the people they love understand and support survivors around the world.


Namid Says:

I wrote my own story, and the books subsequent to it, in the hopes of helping other rape, incest, sexual abuse and sexual assault survivors.  After having lived through it for the majority of my life, I knew there had to be a greater purpose to all that I had endured.  I hope each and every day that using my story as the basis for my books, other survivors can be inspired and healed.  If we all reach out to just one person, we can have a tremendous impact on our world.


My ultimate goal as a writer and survivor is to help assist and empower as many rape and incest survivors as possible, and to help educate the general public about rape/incest/sexual assault in order to create a significant social change regarding these issues.

Through this project, I had the honor to meet and work with amazing survivors and secondary survivors from around the world!  This book touched me in more ways than one.

In this anthology, you will find stories from men, women, mothers, fathers, children, brothers, sisters – perhaps even someone you know.  Rape, sexual assault and sexual abuse touch more lives than we even realize.  In this book, you will find people of both genders, of all races and nationalities, and from all walks of life.  Rape survivors come in all shapes and colors.  Rape does not discriminate by race, gender, income, or any other factor.  Rape affects people – ALL people.

It is with great pride that I inform you that there are writings here from people all across the globe.  We have survivors from New England to Southern California, Japan, all across Canada, Mexico, England, France, Germany…where is your story?

I hope that this book touches your heart.  I hope you understand all that survivors must endure.  I hope you find peace, comfort, and solace in these words written by fellow survivors.  I hope that you find hope, strength, and inspiration in the amazing lives these survivors live!  This is a phenomenal collection of work.  Enjoy!

To Dance Amongst the Stars – A Journey of Healing and Hope     

To Dance Amongst the Stars is written to share the author’s trials and triumphs of surviving and overcoming a lifetime of sexual abuse and abusive relationships, in the hopes that other abused women can find strength and hope in her story.

The very personal and extremely empowering tone and style is definitely meant to share the struggle and the resolutions for anyone who has been abused or loves someone who is a survivor of abuse.

The author says, “I used my own experience to reach out to other rape survivors.  The wording may not be the most flowery, but I hope that by reading my experience in going through the healing process, others can begin to heal. I hope that people can draw something good from my experiences.”

A Guide to Survivorhood – Your Personal Journey of Healing and Hope    

A Guide to Survivorhood... This workbook will help guide survivors and the people who love them through the often difficult journey to regain empowerment and self-esteem after sexual assault. Loaded with guided exercises, examples, resources, and discussions, the workbook gives the survivor the tools to rebuild a happy, whole and healthy self.

Secondary Survivors: those people who love and support survivors of rape, incest, domestic violence, and the host of events and emotions that can overwhelm families and friends, as well as the survivors themselves.

In Secondary Survivors, Namid, author of To Dance Amongst the Stars and A Guide to Survivorhood, explores the tools and techniques to assist loved ones, colleagues, and friends in dealing with the aftermath of rape, incest, domestic violence and more as Secondary Survivors.


The Strength of a Man and A Man's Guide to Survivorhood...Men are survivors too, and these two books help men with hope and healing. Bringing comfort and knowledge to survivors and their loved ones in a presentation of healing and hope. Both books explore the wide range of emotions and behaviors that often accompany survivorhood, and give the reader insight and hope... hope for a future free of the pain and fear as a survivor. Healing does happen!